Everyone within the personal circle of the Memory Lane tablet user is directly connected securely through his or her mobile phone by means of the free-to-download Memory Lane app. Being connected allows them to fill the Memory Lane tablet with personal content such as calendar activities and pictures for the photo album, and allows them to communicate with one another via the logbook.

The logbook can only be used and accessed by the connected Memory Lane app users within the user’s personal circle. If a health care organisation is part of that circle, all the members can communicate with one another. The logbook is set up according to the OMAHA theme system. All features of the Memory Lane tablet can be controlled through the Memory Lane app link.

The Memory Lane app is simple to use and easy to download for both iOS and Android phones.


Manage the calendar with the whole family. This can involve daily activities such as taking medicines or doing exercise, but also birthdays, doctor’s visits, family visits or events. If a (home) care organisation is connected, the times of carer visits can be put in the calendar, which the whole family can then see. For each calendar post, it is possible to add a photo of the activity.

The Memory Lane calendar is easy to fill in and operate. When the screensaver is on, the next upcoming calendar activity is always shown on the screen.


With the mobile Memory Lane app, all connected users can make video calls with the Memory Lane tablet user. Video calling is fun; being able to see each other when calling makes it extra special, and not just for practical reasons: a quick call to grandpa or grandma by the children and grandchildren makes communication so much more enjoyable.

Distances blur and having brief daily contact strengthens bonds and often reduces loneliness. Video calling with the Memory Lane app is very simple and can be done anytime!


It is no accident that the Memory Lane tablet is contained in a photo frame. The personal photo album is an important element of Memory Lane. You can send photos to the Memory Lane tablet from the mobile Memory Lane app.

The photos are saved in the photo album by an intelligent system. By giving the photos an appropriate title and text, they can be saved to the right album and later called up on special events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, or to remember holidays or special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Take a fun “selfie” with the family and send it to the Memory Lane tablet as a photo or a special postcard. Personal photos are always fun and they are also important in representing the user’s life story. The photo album is easy to put together and add to by everyone.